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xim – innovators in connected health and social care

About Us

Digital health and social care for safer, longer lives at lower cost

xim is a digital health company that combines a track record in creative digital media with extensive experience in eHealth.

We have a track record spanning 15 years in research excellence, having been funded by the European Union and the UK Technology Strategy Board in numerous collaborative projects with partners across Europe.

Our team combines outstanding track records in creative design, nursing, computer science and eHealth. We share a passion for delivering innovation to our customers, through creativity and professionalism. More ...


Improving therapy and learning outcomes through applied game technology

Building on xim’s heritage in game development for media industry clients such as Warner Bros, Icon Films, ABC and Chellomedia, a gamification platform and development expertise for serious games in therapy and education.

  • Serious games for education and health and social care therapy
  • Medication adherence made fun
  • 2D ‘casual gaming’ model for easy mobile app and web delivery
  • Easy to adapt, quick to learn and easy to evolve gaming models.


Emotion recognition for therapy and training

Building the results of the CALLAS project, xim has a toolkit of software components and techniques to enable a patient’s emotional state to be estimated from just a camera and microphone. By analysing facial expression, gesture, voice tone and keywords spoken, ximsense can interact with the patient in different ways according to whether they are angry, sad, bored, etc.

xim applied this technology in its installation at the Santa Cecilia Musical Instrument Museum in Rome. The same technology can be adapted for any graphical, animated content that may be designed for either therapeutic or educational outcomes.


Helping older people living alone to tackle social isolation and medication adherence

Developed in conjunction with partners in Spain and Italy, including extensive tests in living labs and through end user trials, ximtouch focuses on bridging the digital divide, giving older people easy, non-technical access to online services via familiar intuitive technologies tailored to the individual.

Physical touch
  • Uses familiar household devices
  • Common intuitive interface across all devices
  • Interface setup and customised by carer (or informal carer)
Personal touch
  • Each interface can be unique to the end user
  • Tailored services (shopping, social news, news feed, reminders…)
  • Tailored look and feel based on vision, hearing, dexterity
  • Tailored devices (clock radio, smart TV, tablet, smartphone, telehealth portal)
Stay in touch
  • Personalised access to facebook, twitter, local news feeds
  • Can read out a filtered facebook feed of family news at the touch of a button
  • Skype/voip with a carer, relative or GP at the touch of a button


Low-cost monitoring for vital signs, physiological changes and sleep patterns to alert possible risks

ximvision is a cloud-based solution for patient monitoring and alerts, needing only simple commodity camera hardware. It is ideal for low-tech hospitals, intermediate care and care homes where conventional monitoring has been too expensive and resource intensive to justify.

Now branded as Lifelight™ read more here.

  • Ultra-scalable, low cost monitoring
  • Simple commodity camera per single patient or multi-patient use
  • Uses existing wired/wifi LAN
  • All processing in the cloud
  • Measure pulse, respiration, blood oxygen from image
  • Emotion/stress detection
  • Detect potential critical events
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Signals and alerts to local or remote monitoring stations
  • Easily upgradable, with plugins for specific conditions to be developed.
Benefits For the patient
  • Non-invasive
  • No infection risk
  • No contact/discomfort
  • No batteries to recharge
  • No wearable device to break/lose peace of mind
Benefits for the health/social provider
  • Allows patients to be moved from high to lower cost care settings sooner
  • Improves patient safety for patients deemed to be at lower risk

About Us Continued

What We Do

Xim develops digital health solutions that empower people to live healthier, safer and longer lives – while reducing costs and risks for health providers. Our key competences are:



Laurence combines a BSc Computer Science (2.1), an MBA from Warwick Business School, business planning for Ford of Europe and ten years experience in eHealth management consultancy before forming xim in 1999. He has over 15 years’ experience in writing, managing and participating in EC R&D projects. He has acted as project manager for two research projects, acted as an evaluator for the Commission in three calls as well as a peer reviewer for a number of projects.


Bruce has over 20 years experience as a designer of time-based digital media with work ranging from animated titles for BBC, Discovery and interactive TV to award winning website and user interface design. There are many other strings to his bow, from circus performing to leadership coaching, which only add to his understanding and breadth of communication design. He has been xim’s senior designer since its start.


Gina brings over 10 years’ experience of supporting large ICT programmes in the NHS and healthcare administration to xim, and is responsible for tracking and supporting xim’s research and commercial projects along with its quality processes.


Justin has a Unix, Java and C++ development background in addition to experience in multilingual technical support, software version control and computer-based learning for engineering. He has a 2.1 B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering from University of Surrey. As part of XIM’s work in AXMEDIS, Justin developed an automated content processing factory for video and image ingestion, adaptation and publishing to mobile and broadband platforms. He has also developed numerous web-service applications for XIM’s clients, and has led the development of XIM’s Java-based MusicKiosk platform in the CALLAS project.



Xim has long-established partnerships with academia and industry across Europe.

Our commercial partners include:


Supporting CGI Health with specialist digital health knowledge and knowledge of ICT opportunities in the UK NHS, in particular the community and mental health sector

Engineering Ingegneria SpA

Supporting Engineering’s CUbRIK crowd-sourced search project, providing social marketing, video and dissemination support.


Collaboration with BBC research and development as partners in 2 projects and maintains links for future media-related opportunities


Partnering with this innovative integrated care provider in developing care planning apps


Addressing  social isolation and medication adherence for home-based patients


Longstanding partnership delivering ICT consultancy to NHS organisations across the UK


Collaborating on two large EU-funded projects for Ambient Assisted Living


Collaborating in a large EU-funded project for Ambient Assisted Living

Digital Video SrL Expert Systems

Partners in CALLAS


Partners in GoldUI

Tiscali SpA

Partners in GoldUI

Our academic/research partners include:

University of Portsmouth

Exploring vital signs monitoring and early warning indicators

University of Reading

Partners in AXMEDIS and CALLAS

University of Leeds

Novel media applications; partners in AXMEDIS

University of Southampton

Researching Computer Vision techniques and algorithms

Politecnico di Milano

Partners in CUbRIK

Università degli Studi di Firenze

Partners in AXMEDIS

Funding partners

Innovate UK

Co-funding Healthy@Work and REVOLUTION projects

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